Let’s start with hello.

You need to have hybrid meetings but would like to see if you can do it yourself. We’re glad to assist. Let us consult on your live streaming needs.

Contact Us to Begin


Let’s help you succeed

Not everyone has the budget to host a fully produced live hybrid event. Sometimes you have regularly occurring meetings and you don’t need all the bells and whistles. 


We’ll go with your strengths

We’ll assess who on your staff has the technical skills needed. It might be IT, it might be Communications, it might be someone surprising. We can arrange training to help you and them feel comfortable. 


Start with a consultation

We’ll come to you for a day or two to interview you and staff, look at what you have and take lots of notes. 


We’ll make Recommendations

We’ll research the right equipment and what it will take to install and configure it.


We’re there before, during and after

If you arrange for us to do the work, we will walk with you until you are comfortable with the setup and be there to answer technical questions that come up.