Strategy + Creativity = Video Storytelling

Did you know the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than words? It’s true. Our brains are also hard-wired to recognize faces. This makes for a powerful combination to get your organization’s story told. 

I have worked a television reporter and video producer for many years. But I’m not just a shooter or editor. I can talk you through the process of discovering your story, then telling that story with stunning video, sound, and emotion in a way that cuts through the clutter of today’s online content. 

I have a unique combination of creativity, experience, technical know-how and communication strategy. As a reporter, I was used to quick deadlines. Often I can turn around your project in one day.

My video has been featured on CNET, The Weather Channel, and Hawaii News Now.

Check out some of the examples below and on my YouTube Channel.

Example Videos